Create your weekly menu
in one click.

Thinking about improving your eating habits? We bring you an intelligent algorithm so you don't repeat dishes and eat balanced. Best of all, we make your shopping list for you!

What is randmenu?


    It is an application to generate your weekly lunch and dinner menu.


    You will be able to eat healthy, balanced and WITHOUT diets.


    We offer you a wide list of dishes and ingredients, so you can choose the ones you like the most.


    It will allow you to organise yourself better, make your shopping list and even save money!

How does it work?

Register for free

Once inside, we give you an initial list of dishes, which you can customize and we will use to generate your menus. We recommend that you delete the ones you don't like and add your favorites.

Plan your weeks

Generate the menu for this week and next week. This way you can plan ahead.

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Intelligent Algorithm

We adapt the menu, whether it's hot or cold season. And we also prioritise seasonal foods. Tuna in summer!

The best of everything

Based on the menu, we give you the shopping list with everything you will need. And it updates itself if you change the menu.

shopping list